Choosing the right carpet cleaning service is not as easy as doing a quick online search and then picking up the phone to call the first company that you click on. In fact, there are many things you need to be aware of before hiring one such service. Therefore, if you have one or more carpets that you’d like cleaned fast and for a good price, here are some things you need to consider prior to hiring a carpet cleaning service.

Tips to consider before hiring a carpet cleaning service:

1. The company’s cleaning process.

2. Types of carpet cleaning methods

3. Avoid the lowest price option.

4. Inquire about included services.

What Is The Company’s Carpet Cleaning Process?

Each carpet cleaning company has its own cleaning process. For instance, while some companies have a 3, 5 or 7 step process, others have a 14 step process. What’s great about professional carpet cleaners is that they’re usually a lot more powerful, can suck up more water, and they can also spray a lot more detergent into the carpet. Better yet, professional carpet cleaning services will not only clean a wide range of stains easily, but they’re also able to dry your carpets faster.

Types of carpet cleaning methods

In total, there are 5 carpet cleaning methods that a rug cleaning company will use in order to clean rugs. The cleaning methods they use will largely depend on the type of carpet you have, the stains on the rug and how fast you want them cleaned.

Steam cleaning: This is by far the most common cleaning method and it involves using a high pressure jet spray to apply a hot water solution to the carpet. A truck mounted or wet vacuum is used for this process. Once the dirt and dust have been removed from the carpet, the stains and spots will be sprayed with a cleaning solution. To remove odors, professionals may also use a deodorizing powder on the carpet.

Shampooing: This method uses a liquid detergent to scrub the carpet in a circular motion. A lot of foam is created in the process that eventually absorbs the stains and soil from the carpet. Eventually, removing the foam from the carpet is possible by using a vacuum. If your carpet has foul smells, then this is a great way to remove them.

Dry carpet cleaning: Special chemicals, but also heat, are used in order to break down the soil particles and the oil that accumulated in the carpet. To pick up the dirt and soil in the carpet, a machine equipped with high rotating absorbent pads is used. This process usually takes place in stages for better results.

Foam cleaning: This process relies on dry cleaning and shampooing and that’s because during the cleaning process the amount of water used is minimal. Foam cleaning involves the use of a cleaning machine to stir the foam into the rug’s fibers.

Learn More About The Best Carpet Cleaning Companies In Your Area

When it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning company, you need to do some thorough research in order to make sure that you hire the right one. Many companies claim they’re the best and may have attractive prices, but you need to always read reviews from actual clients and see whether they were happy with the company’s services or not.

The Lowest Price Option Should Be Avoided

Everyone wants to save money, but the truth is that when it comes to rug cleaning, hiring a service that has the lowest price is not a good idea. That’s because in most cases, these companies charge such low prices just so they can get a foot in the door. Once they’re in your home, they’ll identify a lot more issues with your carpets and start trying to sell you services that you don’t necessarily need. To avoid this kind of trouble, try to make the decision based on recommendations and quality, not cost.

Stain-resistance carpet

If your rugs are stain resistant, then going for a heavy cleaning method is not recommended (such as foam cleaning or steam cleaning). Instead, you may wish to go for a dry cleaning or an absorbent cleaning method.

Inquire About Included Services

Last but not least, you should inquire whether the stated price includes only the carpet cleaning service or extras as well. After all, extra services usually cost more, so it’s better to know from the onset what you’re getting for the money.

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